About the Author

Lafayette A. Johnson Jr. is the author Liberty Dendron. The husband, father and writer lives in Dendron, VA in an old country house. It's the perfect place for him to gain inspiration. Apparently the inspiration has continued to flow because the author has written over 90 books since his first book was published in 2006.

Johnson has a PhD. in Creative Writing, Literature and English from the University of Colorado / Boulder. Johnson's first book, Mr. & Mrs. Riveria, was set in Hampton Roads Virginia just after the retreat from Saigon. It is an exciting spy story of two Americans fleeing for their lives into the wild high country of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Johnson is the founder of the publishing company Mamba Books, but his decision to start writing came much later on in his life. He says, "I remember first mentioning my authorship intent to my family in 2006. Then I started writing "The Adventures of 'Tony the Deer.' A few years later, comments ranged from supportive to discouraging, but I wasn't deterred." 

Johnson continued writing. "Just speaking the words of my writing goal gave projects life - sprouting the seeds," Johnson says.  Gradually Johnson was able to get the point that he's at today by putting a series of experiences in his life--some great and some not so great -- with professional, spiritual and personal accounts. Responses and residue from the issues of family and friends gave him new insights for addressing the struggles of his journey.

Johnson says, "Participating in workshops and taking college courses--validated my thoughts of writing books, and alerted me that so many of us are struggling and looking for answers. The roller-coaster nature of the social, political and economic climate of this country pointed to a need for new ways to circumvent these troubled times. My life's missteps started to reveal instructive destinations...and another book evolved."

Johnson recalls, "Once I was led to and committed to writing, energies from everywhere cooperated. It seems like phrases, memories and lessons abounded at every corner." Johnson credits his wife Janice Johnson for being a source of encouragement.  Once she was aware of my writing aspirations and I feel that this creative force was her way of working with me to stir up my spirit." The ideas came to Johnson like a bumrush. He recalls just being out walking and experiencing ideas flooding his mind. "I looked at the sky or the landscape around me and then I would hurry back to my office and quickly capture the thoughts," he explains.

In short, the author loves to write everything from children's books to mysteries. He writes under the names Lafayette A. Johnson, Jr., L. A. Johnson, Jr. and the name he is most attached to as it was his first pen name, Liberty Dendron. And what a liberty we can all experience when we are doing what we love!