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Independent thinking people sometime have a bad reputation. Some of us are called troublemakers. we disagree with easy decisions, create chaos, and disagree when everyone else is in agreement. Sometimes we change the world for the better with our unconventional way of doing things. Rather than doing what everybody does, and falling back on routines and tradition, independent thinking people change the world. Some of us are leaders and employees, and we break all the rules. The painstaking process of writing and publishing your book feels as though you haven’t slept for days. Now you have even more work to do when it comes to marketing. You have to sell the book you’ve worked hard to produce.

Most authors are so exhausted by the time they’ve finished their books – and often so strapped for cash – that they don’t know where to start a publicity and marketing campaign, especially with little or no budget. Because I thank you understand the painstaking process of writing and publishing a book. Now I have even more work to do, and that is marketing. I have to start a publicity and marketing campaign.

Do you want to be an author? Or document your life's story, memories or biography or the biography of your parents? We will do all that for you and it comes with an International Standard Book Number (ISBN).
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