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Mamba Books & Publishing is not your traditional publisher, we try to be the exact opposite. We want books that redefine what books can be — hybrid books, graphic novels, books that push the envelope on form and ideas.

Here’s a nice bonus: we have an in-house creative project manager, and every book is innovative and inviting.

I created Mamba Books & Publishing like I write novels, building each room like a chapter, I like people to open the door the way they open a book, a book that leads into a magic world in their imaginations.

We invite you to join us and discover the difference. Once Mamba Books & Publishing was born, readers and writers have been flocking to it ever since.

I have developed a website to allow you to get to know our products. Look no further...Mamba Books is where to go for books. What kind of books does the online bookstore offer? We offer a variety of book genres, including children's books, mystery, suspense, and thriller novels.  Ebooks are  available as well.

Our website is open 24 hours a day. I will add books and company information to my website when they are published. All of my books are written by the author …Liberty Dendron… or L. A. Johnson Jr.

Visit me at or Our books are also available on Amazon.

Lafayette A. Johnson Jr., PhD. in Creative Writing, Literature and English. I’m Liberty Dendron

For you...
Pushing the envelope...

A page-turning tale about a young woman suddenly taken back in time to a magical world, a strange worlds in another dimension, where she met people who know more about her than she knows about herself. As she explores this intriguing world, she learns the truth about her past and the purpose of her future.                     (eBooks) $3.99

Brat, a really big dinosaur comes to stay. I call dinosaurs giant lizards. Millions of years ago, long before there were people, there were dinosaurs.
The largest dinosaurs were over 100 feet long and up to 50 feet tall and the smallest dinosaurs, were about the size of a chicken. Most dinosaurs were in-between. There were lots of different kinds of dinosaurs that lived at different times. Some were armor-plated; some had horns, crests, spikes, or frills. Some had thick, bumpy skin, and some even had feathers.
eBook  $399

One rainy morning Tony went for a long gallop on the other side of Ghost Mountain, when he returned to his home; his family was gone. He broke down in tears, thinking that he had lost his family forever, but then he heard a voice from above. That took him to Bear Mountain, and a ride on a Magic log.

eBook  $3.99

A bear tricks a deer named Tony into believing that he has gone. However, the Deer gets trapped in a cave with two hungry bears, but through his cleverness, perseverance and desire to live he manages to escape. This story inspires children to face challenges and to overcome obstacles in their path.

eBook $3.99

Welcome to the hidden world of some of the most popular bugs on Earth. Opening the beautiful and accessible pages of this book is like turning over a series of stones under which you'll find a fascinating array of the world's coolest creepy-crawling creatures.

eBooks $3.99

A creepy story that is scary, with Pig face creatures, ghostly creatures, and the places dead people go to live, “Adam Brooks A Jungle In The City” is a scary story that people of all ages can enjoyed. Adam Brooks is a dark and mysterious piece of land, with trees so thick the ground can’t be seen from above?

eBook $3.99

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Hi there,
This is Lafayette from Mamba Books & Publishing, I hope you’re doing well and staying safe during the Christmas season.
Every month my brother Percy and I bring new and exciting books to our readers. Most of our readers are interested in books that are entertaining, and inspiring. People love books that help them escape from the problems of everyday life.
We accept submissions in multiple genres and categories, except erotica and books that promote violence, hatred, racism, and bigotry.
We understand that some of the best books are not discovered – at least, not quickly – by fans of the genres, especially if they are published by small presses. We review those books and send recommendations to our audience composed of avid readers, book reviewers, booksellers, librarians, and literary professionals, an audience that grows in hundreds daily.

Here is what you should know before submitting your book.
We give constructive feedback on your work should it not meet our standards.

Your book is permanently listed on our website.

Your book comes with free features to get noticed.

Your book can be selected for our book club recommendations and included in our monthly newsletter to readers interested in such books.

Your book comes with links to purchase on Amazon and other platforms.

Your book is automatically sent to our growing list of subscribers.

Your Books description should be structure to give readers a succinct idea of what the book is all about while exploring its literary strengths and why readers should consider that book.

Our reviewers provide strong commentaries on the books they read, with quotable lines that can be used for marketing, posted on the Editorial Review section on the Amazon book page, or featured on the book cover or the praise section of the book.
Get instant credibility with reviews that are trusted by readers.

Looking forward to receiving your book submission.
Best regards, Lafayette!

Mamba Books & Publishing, Dendron. VA, United States

Submitting you book

CHILDREN'S BOOKS, Short Stories, Fiction Novels ----We love what we do.
Thank you for downloading our eBooks or audio books. Mamba Books & Publishing delivers thousands of children’s books to young readers around the globe.  Please share our books with your friends and family to support our mission. Thank you. Happy reading!