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Tyler’s Wise Old Tree
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TylersWise Old Tree

by  L. A. Johnson Jr.


Your children will enjoy reading about “Tyler Wise Old Tree.” They will

enjoy the exciting often humorous lesions taught to Tyler about everyday-life. They

will remember the many lessons Mr.Tree teaches Tyler about life. Mr. Tree tell s


Tyler how all living things in nature reproduce themselves. Hell tell Tyler about the 
ecosystem and why all animal may become food for another. Mr.Tree will tell Tyler 
how plants in the desert survive with little water…and why the rain-forest is so 
important. Your child will gain a special awareness of,and they will understand the circle 
of life.     


 Written and illustrated


 L. A. Johnson Jr.

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Tylers Wise Old Tree
I downloaded the eBook. The art is beautiful and the story is written well. It is delightful!
Tylers Wise Old Tree
Tyler s Wise Old Tree is a book good book for children, I enjoyed it. The book is well written and beautiful.
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