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Bees & Flowers
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Bees and Flowers     978-0-9817448-9-6    

Bees and Flowers work together. Bees gather nectar and pollen enabling plants to reproduce. In turn, pollen feeds baby bees and nectar is turned into honey to be enjoyed by bees and people.

Many kinds of trees and shrubs are bees' prime source of pollen and nectar, a wide range of flowers contributes to bee development and a bumper crop of honey. You can help in this process by adding some of these flowers to your garden or by not removing some that already are there. Many weeds actually are great bee plants, including the pesky dandelion, clover, goldenrod, and purple vetch? You can grow all kinds of flowering plants in your garden that not only will add beauty and fragrance to your yard but also give bees handy sources of pollen and nectar. You'll hear the buzz of bees before you realize the plants are in bloom.

Bees fly from flower to flower, along the way children can learn about the different attributes of each flower. At the end of the book there are some great exercises and suggested activities for flower recognition. 

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Bees And Flower
This is a beautiful book and great. Bees & Flowers is full of morals and entertaining.
Bee's & Flowers
Loved the book, has lovely illustrations, and great opportunities to teach important lessons, also I like the length, it suits my daughter's attention span. Thanks!
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