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Terror On A Mountain in Africa
Its a screenplay . An exciting thrilling screen Play. Terror On A Mountain In Africa.... The screen play begins describing the showing of footage from some of the many nuclear tests that were carried out by the U.S. government in the mountains of Africa. The government had ordered the local residents...
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The Adventures Of Tony The Deer
T ony is destined to be one of the most cherished animal character, read about him making his triumphant return to his heard. An unforgettable story your entire family will enjoy. Join Tony as he plays in the snow and turns to see where he had walked. Join him when he talks to a large yellow fish. Run...
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The Adventures Of Tony The Deer
The Adventures Of Tony The Deer is a book for children. Tony lives happily with his Mom and father in the forest until his family moved, leaving him behind. Looking for a way back home, he is forced to go through many difficult situations, to fight dangerous opponents and, most important, to learn how...
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The Amazing Janice Byrd
The Amazing Janice Byrd claims and protects all who boards it . On the James River. A thrill-seeking water adventure. Walter crosses the path of a beautiful woman, Maggie, and they find themselves fleeing for their lives. Soon the two are in the ride of their lives floating down the rugged, very unpredictable...
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